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About Us

Sweet Rice Thai Cuisine opened its doors in February of 2008. Founded by our parents, better know by the community as Ma and Pa, who wanted to share the generations worth of family recipes with their community of Oak Harbor. However, our story in the food industry doesn't begin here - it actually began with our great-grandparents, who worked as street vendors, selling dishes that put smiles on people's faces. And, Pa spent every morning growing up helping his mother prepare food. This restaurant is more than a food establishment, it is a symbol of our family. 

To help shed some light on the family involvement - over 50% of our staff is made up of family and friends, and over the years, every member of our family has done their part to make the restaurant a success. The restaurant is managed by myself, Lek Allen, the oldest daughter of Ma and Pa. While they own the restaurant, Ma and Pa also spend a majority of their time in the kitchen, making sure each dish is made to represent. My two younger sisters have both spent time helping to serve customers and prepare dishes in the kitchen. My husband will support our kitchen staff when needed. And, my brother-in-law, Josh, is a name and face well known by our regular customers, as he helps as a main server.  

When you step into Sweet Rice, you are stepping in to a part of our home. Welcome!

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