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William L. (Local Guide)

Friendly service. Clean tables, seats, bathrooms, etc. Fresh and hot food with just the right heat as you'd expect if you'd sampled any Thai food previously.

Spring rolls, Pad Thai and Curry was flavorful and hot. I've tried Thai and Curry from east coast US heading west to Japan and this is as good as I've had anywhere. First time wife was here and said it's better than the most recent Thai restaurant we frequented.

Jenna F. (Local Guide)

Sweet Rice is an amazing place to grab great Thai dishes and cocktails. I went for a late lunch yesterday after work, and the food was so good. First of all, the cocktail had fresh ginger in it and was so delicious. It was not too sweet and not too bitter. The Vegetable Delight with chicken was really yummy - so many vegetables. I was debating between a 2 and 3 heat level - the waiter advised that it was jalapeno-level, and that was perfectly accurate. I think I could definitely handle a 3 next time. Thank you for a delicious meal!

Vernon G. (Local Guide)

The family who owns this restaurant is so sweet and fully aware of vegan/vegetarian dietary needs. (The owner’s daughter spoke at length about operating in Oregon for so many years and getting versed in veg dietary needs there before relocating to Oak Harbor.) Her mother, the owner, herself was vegetarian for many years, too. She mentioned that sauces etc are made to order, so for many menu items it is easy to omit offending ingredients. We got the fresh rolls, fried tofu, jasmine fried rice, pad woon sen, and Thai iced tea w/coconut milk on our visit. All delicious! If you can’t handle spicy, order your food zero stars, as the spice rating starts at “spicy” (1 star) and goes to “Thai spicy” (4 star).

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